The Iowan

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Designing Displays

7   Wooden Wine Box Vignette    
      Spirit of 56 by Connie Earl

10  Where Do I Find Figures Scaled To Village Buildings?    
       "Lights, Camera, Action" by J. Michael Sanders

16  Just So You Know     
       Display Ideas, Hints, and Opinions by David Spears

24  A Perfect Platform    
      "Collector Spotlight" on Kathy Bubenheim By Stephanie Finnegan

27  Creating Streets and Pathways    
       Nifty-56ers by Mike Goode

33  I've Run Out of Space!   
       "On Display" by Leigh Gieringer

38  Bringing Dimension To Your Village     
       "The Village Workshop" by Stephen Pepin

Department 56 Details

13  Spring Cleaning    
       "A Little Light On the Subject" by Melinda Seegers

20  On the Look Out For New Members, New Clubs    
       "News From the NCC" by Mike Goode

26  Subsets: All the Craze    
       "Taylor's Take On Other Things" by Brandon Taylor

30  2012 Mid-Year Village Introductions

Miscellaneous Musings

5   Events Calendar

6   From the Editor

22  New England Village Word Search  
       “Puzzle” by Linda Kruger

36  Holiday Village Supports Nonprofits    
       Touching Lives by Linda Kruger

On The Cover
The Brazos Valley Winter Wonderland is a joint project 
between the Brazos Valley 56ers and the Convention 
and Visitors Bureau. For the last 13 years, it has benefited 
several charities. For more information, turn to page 36.

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