The Iowan

Aug/Sept. 2012 Table of Contents

Designing Displays

8     Talkin' and Thinkin': Commemorating the Lost Art of Conversation
       "Collector Spotlight" on Phil Renninger By Stephanie Finnegan

14   Halloween/Fall Display Ideas
        "Lights, Camera, Action" by J. Michael Sanders

26   Mix or Separate: Lots of Possibilities for Great Halloween Displays
        "On Display" by Leigh Gieringer

30   A Busy Day
       Cowtown Villagers by Jean Pope

34   Vertical Display of A Halloween Train Scene
        "The Village Workshop" by Stephen Pepin

36   Just So You Know 
        Display Ideas, Hints, and Opinions by David Spears

Department 56 Details

18   2012 Snow Village Halloween Introductions

24   Lighted Houses To The Rescue
        "News From the NCC" by Mike Goode

29   Independence Hall: Philadelphia
       "History Comes Alive" by Pat Dudley

33   Halloween Decorating
        "A Little Light On the Subject" by Melinda Seegers

39   A Little Halloween CofFUN
       "Taylor's Take On Other Things" by Brandon Taylor

Miscellaneous Musings

6    From the Editor

13  Events Calendar

22   Snow Village Halloween Word Search
        “Puzzle” by Linda Kruger

On the Cover

The 4025413 "Halloween Backdrop" and the lighted building 4022811 "Axel's Costume Shop" were products introduced January, 2012, by Department 56®.  

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