The Iowan

November Contents


9 White House Memorabilia: Auction Timed for Election Season

14 Repurpose, Upscale, Transform: Yesterday’s Vintage to Today’s New Stuff

23 Chocolate, Apples & Technology: Team Breker’s Autumn Auction

26 In the Studio with Santa Artist: Karen Didion

44 Fabulous 1952! Style and Décor

50 Clara’s Critique: Holiday Ornaments


10 Ken’s Korner: News & Views from the World of Collecting

15 The Antique Detective: Old, Decorative Combs

16 Gavels & Paddles
: Auction News

20 Collector Profile: Presidential Memorabilia Collector Mark Warda

24 Rinker on Collectibles: A+ Student of Our Own Profession

40 Antiques and Collecting: Chinese Inkcakes and more...

53 Common Sense Antiques: William and Mary Comfort and Style


8 From the Editor

34 November 2012 show calendar: Shows, Flea Markets, Auctions

39 Giveaway contest 

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