The Iowan

July Table of Contents


12     ChemArt
         Where American Made Matters 

18     Brass Armadillo
         Nostalgic Comfort Foods

20     Chanel Costume Jewelry
         Then and Now

26     Collector Clubs
         Coca-Cola®, Vintage Jewelry, Cufflinks

28     Remembering Thomas Kinkade

53     Common Sense Antiques
         Governor Winthrop Desk, Not Uncle Albert

56     Irving Berlin
         America’s Song Writer


8       Ken’s Korner
         News & Views from the World of Collecting

14     Gavels & Paddles
         Auction News

19     The Antique Detective
         Decade of Protest and Plastic

23     Collector Profile
         Fairy Lamps Collector Jim Sapp

42     Rinker On Collectibles
         My Book House for Children series

44     Antiques and Collecting
         Iron Doorstops and more...

50     In The Studio With…
         Dean Griff, Charming Tails Artist

54     Editor’s Gallery
         Favorite Finds for July


7       From The Editor

34    July 2012 Show Calendar
        Shows, Flea Markets, Auctions

47    Giveaway Contest

48    Vintage pyrotechnics auction

About the Cover

ChemArt specializes in photochemical etching, made in the America. Their products — such as the enameled starfish ornament on our cover — are more than just shiny trinkets to share at holiday time. To learn more, turn to page 12.


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