The Iowan

August 2012 Table of Contents


12    Glass-pertise
        Stourbridge 2012 Portland Vase Project

26    American Pewter
        20th Century Art Nouveau to Modernism

43    Brass Armadillo
        Blending Big Box Convenience with Antiquing

46    Ceramic Arts Studio
        Childhood Charmers

52    OffBeat Sports Collectibles
        Baseball and Football Memorabilia

55    The Hummel Bzzz
        Tag Along Teddy with Steiff Bear


7      The Antique Detective
        Antique Repeater Pocket Watches

8      Ken’s Korner
        News & Views from the World of Collecting

14    Gavels & Paddles Auction News

18    Editor’s Gallery
        Favorite Finds for August

20    Collector Profile
        Glass Collector Nancy Norman

24    Rinker On Collectibles
        Antiques & Collectibles Provenance, Part I

56    Antiques and Collecting
        Fantasy Furniture and more...


6      From the Editor

23    Kovels Current Prices

30    Website Resource Directory

34    August 2012 Show Calendar:
        Shows, Flea Markets, Auctions

59    Giveaway contest

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