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Village Scaping DVD: Village Vignettes

Village Scaping DVD: Village Vignettes
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by Leigh Gieringer

Village Scaping: Village Vignettes offers display techniques for year-round enjoyment!

Village Vignettes features seasonal themes and the techniques used throughout the DVD can be applied to any village: large or small. 

Some of the topics included are:

  • Learn to carve the landscape
  • Add a stream
  • Develop an oceanfront
  • Create paths, bridges or decks
  • Learn to hide the white bases
  • and much more!

Village Scaping: Village Vignettes is filled with numerous ideas to keep a display up throughout the year, to switch them for a new look, or to be included in a large winter display.

No matter which village you collect, this DVD will provide lots of village scaping ideas for inclusion into your next display.

Approximately one hour in length. Directed by Sasa Skoko and Leigh Gieringer.
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