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Village Scaping DVD: Halloween 102

Village Scaping DVD: Halloween 102
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by Leigh Gieringer

Village Scaping: Halloween 102 features eight lighted houses with numerous accessory pieces. Halloween 102 offers many new ideas and techniques to include in your next village display. The Halloween Village has become one of the most popular villages to acquire and display. The themed buildings are exciting, many with animation to enthusiastically bring the viewer into the display. There are few limits on creativity. A display can be fun, colorful and vibrant, with cute, little trick or treaters roaming through out the streets; or become dark, eerie, and scary. Or, it can be a combination of both effects.

As a special treat, the home of Elaine Schlaht is transformed each Halloween as ghosts and gobblins, bats and cats, spiders, and witches pay a visit. Her exquisite Halloween presentation provides numerous ideas for you to apply in your next Halloween display.

Approximately 1 hour in length. Directed by Sasa Skoko and Leigh Gieringer.


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