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Village Scaping DVD: Halloween 101

Village Scaping DVD: Halloween 101
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by Leigh Gieringer

In Village Scaping: Halloween 101, this DVD shows how to develop a 75” x 33” quick and easy display using styrofoam.

Halloween 101 is illustrated with ten Halloween related buildings, and numerous accessories - animated, lighted and static.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Determining a balanced layout
  • Creating and carving elevations with a hot wire
  • Painting, landscaping, and accessorizing techniques.

The purpose of this DVD is to get the creative juices flowing by thinking outside the box. Techniques used can be applied to any size village or any other village, by adding more display area; and/or changing the choice of buildings, accessories and coloration to suit that village. Therefore, although it features a Halloween motif, collectors of any other villages will learn from this DVD.

Approximately one hour in length. Directed by Sasa Skoko and Leigh Gieringer

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