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Village Scaping DVD: A Christmas Story

Village Scaping DVD: A Christmas Story
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by Leigh Gieringer

Village Scaping: A Christmas Story, featuring Dickens’ The Christmas Carol buildings, shows the viewer how to develop a beautiful display using linoleum, porcelian and slate tiles, as well as travertine bricks to form city streets and retaining walls.

The development of a layout is centered around the placement of the buildings but the spaces between groups of buildings are as important as the buildings themselves. Streets are an integral part of any village scene: the old streets of London, fancy boulevards in The City, the charming avenues in Snow Village, winding back roads of New England or Halloween, pathways in Alpine, and the fanciful arterials in North Pole. Even a simple display will require streets around the buildings. And, if time or space are limitations to constructing mountains, water and backgrounds, it is both quick and easy to dress up your display very cost effectively with items found in home improvement stores.

Not only are they realistic, they can set the mood and formality of the scene by enhancing the buildings which are placed on them.

Learn how to use an engraving tool to create your own cobblestones and retaining walls and how to weather or age accessories for authenticity!

Approximately one hour in length. Directed by Sasa Skoko and Leigh Gieringer.


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