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Village Display Tips: Realistic Village Vignettes

Village Display Tips: Realistic Village Vignettes
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by Leigh Gieringer

Realistic Village Vignettes is based on natural settings and offers several easy to create landscaping techniques to form actual scenes surrounding a prized village piece or pieces.

There are also numerous water development treatments such as the creation of an icy stream, a rocky coast, or a sandy beach surrounded by rocky cliffs; plus numerous others ways to form a water scene.

Holidays are not the only time that village settings can be appreciated. Since these vignettes don't take up much space, many can be left up longer, stored easily, revamped, or replaced by a spring, summer or fall display.

Build a vignette around a special piece or select a theme and find a piece to illustrate it. Realistic Village Vignettes offers over 160 pages of helpful hints, ideas, tips and techniques to further enjoy a hobby of village collecting and displaying.

No collector should be without this informative display resource!

ISBN: 978-1491073520

Soft cover, 6" x 9", 164 pages. Book I of the Village Vignette series.

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